6th of July 2019

Free Festival 2019

Mark your calendar! The next edition of Free Festival takes place on the 6th of July 2019 at the Almere Strand. Be there!

20th of July 2019

Dominator Festival 2019

"A deafening sandstorm approaches with deadly speed. Seven extreme formations will compete for a tremendous trophy. Screaming engines, smoking exhausts and dreaded drivers will invade our savage sands. Hardcore will ignite its murdering machines in the desert of domination. Gasoline is gold when you enter… the Rally of Retribution." Dominator Festival 2019 - Rally of Retribution tickets are now available.

3rd of August 2019

AIRFORCE Festival 2019

Together with three massive new hostings of SUPERBASH, BKJN, PRSPCT XTRM, our core UNITY and a new Rooftop area, we will enforce revelation. Extreme Early Bird tickets, campsite tickets and hotel packages for AIRFORCE Festival 2019 - Destined to Diverge are now available.

28th of September 2019

Supremacy 2019

The world’s leading event in prodigious, brutal and raw sounds prepares for another edition on the 28th of September. Come witness Supremacy 2019! Ticket are now available, so make sure to get them in time!


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