Art of Dance & Celebrate Safe

Art of Dance & Celebrate Safe

Celebrate Safe

Nothing beats losing yourself in the music, dancing in bright sunlight, being part of a large crowd of mad-keen revellers, dancing until your feet hurt, chilling at the campsite, flirting with beautiful people and partying till you drop with your mates. Nothing beats celebrating the good life and sharing the love with all the merrymakers around you. But you know what’s even better? Getting home in one piece afterwards, in the very best of health.

Yep, partying is fun, but it’s never completely without risk. So it’s good to know what these risks – ranging from blisters and dehydration to the use of alcohol and other drugs – are. That’s why Art of Dance partnered up with Celebrate Safe. Celebrate Safe is a platform providing tips and reliable information on how to party consciously and safely. Please find here their 10 tips on how to party safely..

Using alcohol or other drugs is never harmless

I love my ears

Think for yourself, care about others

Pace yourself: eat, sleep, rave.

Don’t push limits, be responsible

Be prepared for any type of weather

Take your time to chill

Safe sex, always. Even on the camp site.

The First Aid Team is your friend

Don’t Drink, drug and drive. You are a great risk to yourself and others.

Art of Dance thinks it’s important that everyone can party as safe as possible. However, we do realize that partying can go along with risks. Therefore we will be promoting Celebrate Safe during most of our events. At these events a Celebrate Safe stand will be available for a visit. Here Art of Dance will answer all your questions. Whenever it comes to your ears buzzing, that one handsome guy/girl you just met, drugs or alcohol, at the Celebrate Safe stand you will be welcome at all times. Not feeling well? Please go to the first aid, they are there to help you.

You can always look into tips to Celebrate safely and healthy at: