Radical Redemption 2018

Radical Redemption 2018
Radical Redemption 2018
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3rd of November 2018
22:00 - 07:00
The Radical Dome, Breepark, Breda
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After 3 sold out editions I will be back with a new Radical Redemption event in 2018. Save the date!

Tickets are still available, so make sure to get them before it’s to late!



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Personalization of all tickets is required. This means that each ticket needs to contain the name of the person that will use the ticket to enter the event. This might be checked at the entrance, so make sure you don’t use your own name on all tickets you order.

Use the ticket transfer tool by Paylogic to change the name on your tickets. The ticket transfer tool closes at the 7th of July at 11:00PM CEST.

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Tickets will be sent to your email address right after you completed the personalization. If you didn’t personalize your tickets yet, that can be the reason you didn’t receive them. Personalized your tickets, but still didn’t receive them or lost them? You can always download your tickets in your Paylogic profile. Log in over here. Can’t find your tickets in your Paylogic profile either? You might have used a wrong email address or made a typo. Please contact Paylogic customerservice so they can change this.

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    Radical dome

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Radical Redemption 2018




AMAZING! Best night of my life!


Had a great party, one you can expect of Art of Dance.


Can’t say anything else than how homesick I am!


The party was really, really cool! There was such a good vibe. Joey dropped the sickest set I’ve ever heard. It could not be any better in terms of sound, artists and light! To be repeated! November 3th!


One great party! Super good atmosphere! Really nice sets and you feel at home with the raw. I’ll definitely be there next year!


Awesome! Have enjoyed myself really well and it is definitely a recommendation to my weak, sucker friends to come with me in 2018 and to tear the place apart with Radical! It was really crazy!


This night was brutal, where I want to be at all costs next year. Everything was well organized and the line-up was legendary again.


Cool party, unique atmosphere, and it seems just like one big group of friends!


WOW! Never experienced such a well-organized indoor party. No long queues, and what a sound. I’ve never heard such a good sound as in the Breekpark. Can’t give any points of improvement.


Unbelievable! Line-up was amazing, atmosphere fantastic. Incredible!