The origin of the Brotherhood

We’ve followed Radical Redemption while he ventured on a challenging path that led to the rise of the ‘Brotherhood of Brutality’. He is the chosen one to end the reign of an evil oppressor. On his journey, he gets imprisoned and later escapes to evolve into the One Man Army. After creating the Brotherhood of Brutality, Radical Redemption faces the oppressor once more. On the 2nd of November, we can finally witness the epic conclusion of this heroic tale.

But first, let us take you back to where it all began as we dive deeper into the story.

A young Radical Redemption

The story begins many years ago with a younger version of Radical Redemption, who plays a vital part in the prophecy of Redemption. He’s the chosen one to end the oppressors’s reign. In fear of the prophecy, the oppressor imprisoned the young Radical. Watch the first teaser here.

The road to redemption

After he escaped from the oppressor’s clutch, Radical Redemption gathered a group of extraordinary people and The Brotherhood of Brutality was born. Together with the Brotherhood, he wanted to execute the Redemption. Watch the second teaser here.

Radical Redemption was imprisoned once again

The oppressor was onto the Brotherhood of Brutality and tried everything in his power to stop them. He managed to capture Radical Redemption once again…  Watch the third teaser here.

Before the oppressor could retaliate to Radical Redemption, the Brotherhood of Brutality managed to set him free. Radical Redemption is now ready to take revenge. Watch the trailer here.

Are you ready to witness the epic conclusion of Radical Redemption’s heroic tale? Make sure you’re at Radical Redemption – Brotherhood of Brutality on the 2nd of November.

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