Next Saturday, the 3rd of November, it’s finally time for the Radical Army to unite in ‘The Radical Dome‘ at Breepark Breda. Here they will party ’till the early morning, also enjoying loads of tracks from the brand new Radical Redemption album ‘Command & Conquer’. The Radical Redemption events are not complete without spectaculaire entrances, a dedicated crowd, and LOTS of new tracks. During the previous three editions we’ve already experienced many special moments, and this edition also promises to become a night to tell your grandchildren about. What can you expect during Radical Redemption – Command & Conquer?

Opening show 4.0

A simple entrance does not fit the style of Mister Brutal himself. We can definitely say that Joey likes to go big – and he aims to top himself every year. Let’s look back on his entrance in 2015, during the very first Radical Redemption event ‘The One Man Army’. A huge falling curtain revealed the stage after an intense build up with filmic music:

In 2016, during ‘Militant Mayhem’, the Radical stepped up his game and landed on the stage from the ceiling of the Heineken Music Hall. With his touch down he started the track ‘Protest of Indignation’ and the whole crowd completely lost it. The tone was set for the rest of the night.

And again, at the latest edition in 2017 ‘The Road to Redemption’, Radical Redemption was able to step it up and be different. Accompanied by an immense orchestra playing the anthem, he ascended out of the stage floor, accompanied by fireworks and a massive lightshow. Goosebumps! Relive this moment in the video below:

Is it possible to exceed this during ‘Command & Conquer’? HELL YES! Check out the video below, where Radical gives you a sneak peek of what to expect during this years opening show.

The Wanted Man

The ambiance during the Radical events is in one word: BRUTAL! Of course this is thanks to the fact that the fans are extremely loyal and dedicated. From the front to the back, you will spot Radical soldiers dressed with T-Shirts, flags, caps and even tattoo’s. And to top it all, some fans even created their own merchandise items, or recreated Radicals’ Live suit. Now this is what we call dedication! It is therefore not surprising that the whole crowd screams along with every track.

The Radical Dome

The first two editions, ‘The One Man Army’ and ‘Militant Mayhem’, took place in the infamous Heineken Music Hall. Both editions sold out in no-time. A new, bigger location was needed. This was found in ‘The Radical Dome’, a new event location in Breda. The location fits more than twice as much fans as the Heineken Music Hall, and however the location is this big, the 2017 edition sold out again completely! This shows the ultimate dedication of Radicals’ fan base and that these events are the ones that can’t miss on your party agenda.

New tracks IN YOUR FACE!

Until now each event brought a new album for the fans, and this year they can expect another one. The brand-new Radical Redemption album ‘Command & Conquer’ will be released and showcased on November 3rd. After the busy festival summer, other artist got back in their studio’s as well. So are you curious about the latest and rawest tracks? Than you can’t miss Command & Conquer for sure!

Be there!

Completely in the mood for a party now, but no ticket yet? The last tickets are now on sale at the Command & Conquer website!