How to get to Radical Redemption – Brotherhood of Brutality

How to get to Radical Redemption – Brotherhood of Brutality

General info

Radical Redemption – Brotherhood of Brutality takes place on the 2nd of November at the Radical Dome in Breda, The Netherlands.

Public transport

Don’t feel like being the designated driver? You can also get to Radical Redemption – Brotherhood of Brutality by public transport. You can take the train to Breda Central Station. From there, shuttle buses will be available to take you to the event. Need to catch the first train back home? The first trains leaves Breda Central Station around 06:00 AM.

Be well prepared for your journey and use the ‘NS Reisplanner’ or ‘9292’. Use these tools to find out if there are any constructions on your route.

Shuttle buses

There is a shuttle service between Breda Central Station and the Radical Dome. The first shuttle buses depart at 09:00 PM from Breda Central Station and they will continue driving to and from throughout the event. We highly recommend to buy your shuttle bus tickets in pre-sale. A return shuttle bus ticket costs € 8,40.

Organized bus tours

Looking for an easy and comfortable way to travel to Radical Redemption – Brotherhood of Brutality? Our official bus partners organize bus tours throughout The Netherlands and Europe, including most Dutch airports. Check this list to find an organized bus tour in your city/country. It’s also possible to organize your own bus tour via our official partners.

Private touringcar

Organizing your own bus trip to the event? Please contact us a week before the event via our contactform and provide us with the following information: bus company, number persons, number of coaches, expected arrival time, buss parking yes / no.
You will receive all the required information to get to, and possibly park at Radical Redemption – Brotherhood of Brutality. Within 2 days before the event all information will be sent via e-mail.

Hotel packages

Want to visit Radical Redemption – Brotherhood of Brutality care free? Book a complete hotel package including tickets, 1,2 or 3 nights in a hotel and transfer to/from the event. Want to make the most out of your weekend? You can also book a 4th night in a hotel. Visit for more info.


Are you traveling to Radical Redemption – Brotherhood of Brutality by car? Driving to The Radical Dome with GPS, use the following address: Bavelseparklaan, Breda. 
Turn your navigation system off once you see the yellow ‘Radical Redemption’ traffic sign, these will point you in the direction of the event site.


You can park your car next to the event terrain, there is plenty of free parking space available.

Kiss & Ride

Will you be dropped off and/or picked up? Lucky you! Your driver can drop you off and pick you up at the designated ‘Kiss & Ride’ location. This is clearly signposted and is easily accessible for visitors as well as drivers.


If you’re traveling to Radical Redemption – Brotherhood of Brutality by taxi, make sure the driver follows the ‘Taxi’ signs to the taxi stand. When you leave the event, there are taxis at the special rank. You can find the taxi stand by following the signs.


Are you living close by and will you hop on your bike or scooter? Park your bike or scooter at the designated bicycle storage. You can find the bicycle storage by following the signs.

In conclusion

However you choose to travel to Radical Redemption – Brotherhood of Brutality, travel safely. If you’ve had a few drinks, you are likely to overestimate the extent to which you’re still able to drive. You should know though, that you’re a danger to yourself and other road users.Make sure you’ll be able to get home safely. Never get into a car with someone who is not sober. Get yourself a sober driver, call a cab, find yourself a hotel, ask someone to come and pick you up or use public transport.