A blood thirsty edition of Dominator Festival is right around the corner and the forecast tells us that we will be blessed with perfect, sunny festival weather. Make sure to prepare yourself for the weather conditions by reading the extra info below.


Keep your head cool with the warm weather. Swimming is allowed in the designated areas and extra shadow spots are created on the terrain, so take your time to cool down every now and then. Also, remember to adjust your clothing according to the conditions.

Try to keep your salt and sugar levels up and drink enough water to stay hydrated, but don’t drink too much. 1 or 2 glasses per hour should be enough. Free water is available at several spots on the terrain.


We advise you to bring (unopened) sun cream to ensure that you have enough for you and your friends for the whole day. If you do forget to bring it anyway we have several spots at the festival where sun cream is available.


During the party, remember to think for yourself, as well as care about others. Using alcohol or other drugs is never without risk – especially with hot weather, which strongly affects your body temperature.


Because of the dryness of the terrain, we need to take several measures for your safety.

Unfortunately, due to these measures, the fireworks during the end show are not allowed. We tried our best to make it work in several ways, but the government’s final decision is that it is not safe enough. Anyway, together with you we will make this a Dominator to remember!


As the event is situated in a forested area, even cigarettes can cause fires with these warm and dry weather conditions. Please protect your own, and the safety of the environment by not throwing any cigarettes in the forest, on the access routes and at the parking.


At 11:00 PM Dominator 2018 will close down. After a full day of high speed, it’s unfortunately time to lower your BPM and head home. The bars will be open 30 minutes after the closing time, so don’t forget to spend your last coins to buy a drink for on the way home.