Als je meer wilt weten over Noize Suppressor, check dan hier even het interview met DJ Bike:

Who exactly is Noize Suppressor?

Noize Suppressor is the live expression of myself (DJ Bike) and DJ Dek.

Masters of Hardcore, Dominator, Thunderdome and now your own event in the Netherlands, this must be a dream come true…

In the past we had the opportunity to export our style on some major event like Masters of Hardcore, Thunderdome, Dominator, Misteryland, Extreme , etc.. Finally we are ready for our first event ! This will take Noize Suppressor to the next level! Super Cool!!

How do you explain the popularity of your live act?

We were one of the first “Hardcore bands” to incorporate scratch and 100 real live performance on stage. This combination, in relation with our unique Noize sound, might have something to do with it.

Until now, what’s your favourite event you played at and why?

A lot !!! If I have to choose one… Ferragosto 2001 at Gheodrome in Rimini (Italy), Incredible vibe!! It was the peak time of the Italian hardcore!

Your new album is called ‘Hardcore Junky’ what exactly can we expect from it?

This album is very important for Noize Suppressor. We put all our experience in this project. CD1 is full of new fresh material!! CD2 contains our best classics, remixes and an exclusive live performance!! We are also very happy to release this album in Holland.

The new album will be released at the ‘Hardcore Junky’ party on the 10th of December, what can we expect besides a bone crushing party?

During the concert we will present all the new tracks taken from the album and off course our best old songs. We will be on stage for 90 minutes…! Our set up will be extended with DJ Dek and Rudy B togheter with me (DJ Bike), plus some surprises!!

One last shout out to the Noize Suppressor fans?

I wanna say thanks to all our fans for the huge support in the last 6 years, it will be great to meet you guys at Hemkade!!


Hardcore Junky Stage

22.00-23.00 Re-Style

23.00-23.45 Serial Killaz

23.45-00.15 Angerfist live

00.15-01.00 D-Spirit

01.00-02.30 Noize Suppressor Live

02.30-03.15 Digital Boy & Bike

03.15-04.30 Outblast & Bass D & King Matthew

04.30-05.00 Shadowlands live

05.00-06.00 Tommyknocker & Endymion

Hosted by Mc Syco

Bonecrusher Stage

23.00-01.00 Endonyx vs Stalker

01.00-02.00 Negative A

02.00-03.00 Masochist

03.00-04.00 Unexist & Vince

04.00-05.00 Day-Mar

05.00-06.00 Akira

Kaarten zijn verkrijgbaar bij de Ticketbox voor slechts 17,50 E. Ex. Fee.