Beide artiesten staan bekend om de unieke sound die zij vertegenwoordigen en Darkcore is dan ook vereerd deze twee helden te presenteren op de Darkcore serie.


Afer a short period of silence Darkcore strikes again!

On the 9th edition you will find two incredible mixes by TIEUM and UNEXIST!

Darkcore 9 will be available at the quality recordstore.

DARKCORE 9 “thesessionsoftheunexpected”

CD1 mixed by TIEUM

1 Chryzis Apocalypticmentality

2 Synapse Crispy kick

3 The Outside agency Screaming phoenix

4 Synapse Nifty tick

5 Tieum & Ophidian De la rue

6 Tieum Let’s fight

7 Nosferatu Disease

8 Tieum Metz

9 Unexist & Tieum Lesson 2

10 Jappo & Lancinhouse EXLAXL Tieum remix

11 Tieum feat. Bartoch Disgusting

12 Tieum J.O.Y

13 Unexist & Tieum Leson 1

14 Tieum What

15 Tieum & Ophidian Dark is a part of you

16 Triax Rise of brutality

17 Fiend Bust this

18 Proto x feat. Tieum Mechanical sickness

19 Tieum vs Lunatic & Miss hysteria Crazy

20 Lenny dee & Tieum Microtronic

21 D.O.A N.Y.C speedcore

CD2 mixed by UNEXIST

1 Satronica Smash the system

2 Void settler Gnomes tinker with time

3 Chaosbringer Black Desire

4 Hectic Fence Blackmailing (D passion Rmx)

5 Seizure Piledriver

6 Tommyknocker Finally

7 Hectic Fence Armed to the teeth

8 D Passion Following concept

9 Menace to society Chronic disorder

10 Beaud Getta fuck

11 Endymion & Nosferatu Drunk with a gun

12 Promo Don’t be fucking with my shit

13 Unexist Paranoia

14 Intro Mission Mental wrecke Rmx

15 Stormtrooper Bag 4 it

16 Promo Lost in the Bush

17 Igor Crowd rocker

18 Unexist Line got crossed

19 Dj Skinhead At war (Promo remix)

20 Dj Skinhead I don t under stand

21 Hellfish & Producer Turn it in

22 Igor Pump it up

23 Delta 9 No more regrets