“4 years of intensive research lead to an immense conclusion. Developed in a place unknown, protected by a malicious organisation and operating under the radar of law. An exceptional selection of gifted people is destined to diverge. All of them have powerful abilities and a unique core of energy. Devotion and faith created the pathway towards what they call the artifacts. The revelation is near. Five artifacts will transform into the paramount force.” Watch the AIRFORCE Festival 2019 – Destined to Diverge trailer here.

Together with three massive new hostings of SUPERBASH, BKJN, PRSPCT XTRM, our core UNITY and a new Rooftop area, we will enforce revelation. Watch the full line up at airforcefestival.com/line-up.

Tomorrow we will introduce you to our brand-new BASECAMP and extreme early bird tickets will be available with €10 discount at 07:00PM CEST at airforcefestival.com/tickets.