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Kom alvast in de stemming voor de upcoming Art of Dance events met deze regelmatig geüpdatete Spotify playlists!

Dominator Festival

This playlist is designed for the Dominator die-hards! Packed with tunes from all of our favourite artists, this regularly-updated playlist will surely get you in the ultimate Dominator zone.

Masters of Hardcore

Your one-stop playlist for all that Hardcore has to offer! Covering a broad spectrum of sub-genres, our colossal Masters of Hardcore playlist is represented by the sounds of Hardcore, Uptempo, Frenchcore and even Terror. For those who want it all, you got it all!

Snakepit – Uptempo hardcore

Do you have a need for speed? For those who want to be hooked up to an IV of non-stop uptempo, you’ve come to the right place! Our Snakepit playlist features the finest and fastest beats.

Supremacy – Raw hardstyle

If you crave only the most supreme sounds, then our Supremacy playlist is something for you! Refreshed frequently with all the hottest tunes, you’ll find everything from classics, to modern day bangers!