AIRFORCE Festival 2019

AIRFORCE Festival 2019
AIRFORCE Festival 2019
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How can I personalize my tickets and is this required?

Personalization of all tickets is required. This means that each ticket needs to contain the name of the person that will use the ticket to enter the event. This might be checked at the entrance, so make sure you don’t use your own name on all tickets you order. You can personalize your tickets until Thursday the 29th of November at 09:00PM CEST.

Use the ticket transfer tool by Paylogic to change the name on your tickets.

The name on the ticket can only be changed by the original buyer of the ticket. Did you buy your ticket at a ticket marketplace (second-hand), which means you don’t know who the original buyer is and/or are you not able to contact him/her? We recommend to contact the ticket marketplace. Unfortunately we’re not able to provide service around tickets not bought at the official channels.

After completing your order, you will receive a link to personalize your tickets. Please follow the steps and fill in the details. Directly after completing the personalization you will receive your tickets. Not sure (yet) who you’ll bring to the event? You can personalize your tickets until the day before the event. We strongly recommend to wait with the personalization of your tickets until you’re sure which friends will use the other tickets. In this way you can put the right names on the tickets from the start, a fee will be charged in case you’ll need to change the names afterwards.

I didn't receive my ticket(s) or lost them, what to do?

Tickets will be sent to your email address right after you completed the personalization. If you didn’t personalize your tickets yet, that can be the reason you didn’t receive them. Personalized your tickets, but still didn’t receive them or lost them? Go to, enter your email address and you will receive your tickets again. You can also download your tickets in your Paylogic profile. Log in over here. Can’t find your tickets in your Paylogic profile either? You might have used a wrong email address or made a typo. Please contact Paylogic customerservice so they can change this.

I used a wrong email address, can this be changed?

No problem. Please contact Paylogic customerservice so they can change this for you.