We respect you very much for taking such a journey to come and join us in the ultimate hardcore event. Because of the many request from Italy we opened pre-sale at the office of RND-Promotions. You can contact them easily at:


RND Promotion

Adres:  Frà Cristoforo 2  20142 Milano – Italy


Tel. +39 02 89540067

Fax +39 02 89540067

Info line +39 330 235474



[email protected]


For our Swiss hardcore freaks, we opened pre-sale at Promo-Sprint. You can contact them at:


Promo-Sprint E.P. GmbH

Adres: Renzligenstrasse 13 CH – 6260 Reiden


Tel. + 41 62 758 47 27

Fax + 41 62 758 47 28



[email protected]


From any other country you can order at the shop of www.mastersofhardcore.com to buy your ticket online.

On the 23rd of April the earth will shake, the world will shiver …..