Aftermovie AIRFORCE Festival 2017 online

Where there is unity there is always victory. The aftermovie of AIRFORCE Festival 2017 is now online.

18 okt. '17

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Timetable ‘The Road To Redemption’

A legendary night is ahead of us. This is the timetable of Radical Redemption – The Road To Redemption. Last tickets are now available at

17 okt. '17

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Line up Creed of Chaos

He is the absolute master in hardcore music. Together with these superior support artists he will trash down Amsterdam on December 2nd. Prepare for deadly b2b sets and many new collabs!

11 okt. '17

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Trailer Foolish New Year’s Eve

Join the Freestyle extravaganza of Foolish New Years Eve with this fine selection of musical maestros! ๐Ÿ‘€ Ticketsale starts this Saturday at 12:00! Attend the event here.

09 okt. '17

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Snakepit 2017 trailer

Art of Dance & b2s return with the most reckless event of the year. Only the ultimate icons in fast, loud and penetrating noise will be selected. Embrace the pure power of uptempo, frenchcore, terror and dark hardcore. DO YOU DARE TO ENTER THE PIT? Attend the official Snakepit 2017 event here. Get your tickets: […]

03 okt. '17

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Line-up Foolish NYE

Hereโ€™s to a night of absolute Freestyle foolishness! Join this festive selection of artists for a Foolish New Year’s Eve! Pre-sale starts October 14th at 12:00 CEST.

02 okt. '17

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Line-up ‘The Road To Redemption’ online

One month to go. Here is the line-up for The Road To Redemption.

01 okt. '17

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Making of The Road To Redemption anthem

The making of the ‘The Road to Redemption’ anthem. Take a look behind the scenes!

29 sep. '17

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