Get ready for a new edition of Free Festival! This Saturday 20.000 harder styles fanatics will gather at the Atlantisstrand in Almere for a day filled with the best hardcore, hardstyle and freestyle. Make sure to come prepared, read the final info below.


The last few tickets for Free Festival are available here. Free Festival is sold out every year, so don’t miss out. Regular tickets cost only €15 (ex.), there are no VIP tickets available for this event.


Timetable online

Indoor and outdoor areas

Free Festival has one outdoor stage and two indoor stages. The hardcore mainstage is open air. The freestyle and hardstyle areas are indoor.


For the first time in history, Free Festival has two official anthems. A hardcore anthem by Dyprax & MC Tha Watcher and a hardstyle anthem by Sub Sonik & MC Nolz. Have you heard them yet? Listen here!


You will need a Free Festival stamp to use the toilet. These stamps are available at the toilets for 1 token.


Tokens can be payed with bankcard or cash. There’s no ATM on the festival site.

Minimum age

The minimum age for Free Festival is 18 years. This means you need to be 18 years of older at the day of the event. We won’t make any exceptions on this. Make sure you bring a valid ID card. No ID means no entrance!

Zero tolerance

The drugs policy at Free Festival is zero-tolerance. This means that all types of soft- and hard drugs are not allowed.


Op Free Festival – The Harder Styles zijn er e-lockers aanwezig. Dit betekent dat je een kluisnummer met PIN-code krijgt, een sleutel is dus niet nodig. Een e-locker kost €7 (geen borg) en is te delen met 1-2 vrienden.

There will be enough e-lockers available at the event. Skip the waiting line at the locker desk and buy your e-locker in pre-sale.

Celebrate Safe

At Free Festival we’ll party conscious. Want to know what exactly this means? You are welcome for a chat at the Celebrate Safe stand supported by Unity. Most people at Unity are experts who like to share their knowledge and experience with you. They provide objective and open-minded education about alcohol and other drugs.

Protect your ears

You have only got one pair of ears, so be careful with those. Make sure you wear hearing protection. Also don’t stand to close by speakers, because you can suffer from hearing loss afterwards. At the kiosk can buy hearing protection for 2 tokens.


There will be a ‘sunscreen bar’ with free sunscreen at Free Festival, powered by the Dutch Cancer Society.


Free Festival takes place at the Atlantisstrand (Bergsmapad) in Almere.

Public transport

Be well-prepared for your trip and use the ‘NS Reisplanner’. You can use this tools to find out if (and how) the engineering works will affect your trip. Along the way you can plan your trip using the ‘Reisplanner Xtra’ app or the website We recommend to plan your trip back home at this same moment. Shuttle service There is a shuttle service between Almere CS and Free Festival. The shuttle buses will continue driving to and fro throughout the event. We highly recommend to get your tickets in presale. A return shuttle bus ticket costs € 3,00 (ex.) in presale and € 6,00 at the bus stop.

Car & parking

There is plenty of parking space next to the event terrain. You can buy your ticket at the parking for €15 or in pre-sale for €10 (ex.). When dropped off or picked up by a friend or taxi, please make sure to follow the ‘Halen & Brengen’ signs. There are no other possibilities in the area to be dropped of or picked up!

Warm up mix by Bass-D

The freestyle area at Free Festival is the perfect place to go wild! Listen to this warm-up mix by Bass-D to get in the mood for his set with Dutch Movement.